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Mina Sisley


Hey y'all! My name is Mina! (pronounced mean-uh)

I am a photographer based out of Atlanta, GA but I'm always down to travel! My specialty is capturing moments that you will want to pass down for generations. 

I whole heartedly believe that who you pick to capture your milestone moments, matters! Photography is very personal, which is why you have to pick a photographer that is a good fit for YOU. 

Scroll down to learn more about me and my experience as a photographer to see if I'm the right fit to capture the moments you'll never want to forget! 

All About Me

Let's run it all the way back to the beginning... To be completely honest, I can't remember the first time I picked up a camera. My mom was a photographer and brought me along with her to the studio all the time so I have been learning about cameras, lighting, posing and everything in between since day 1. As I got older, I continued to grow and learn and eventually went in my own direction and wound up at a cross roads between editorial and action photography. Now let me tell you how that happened...

 I became very invested in sports photography during high school while covering athletics for my school's yearbook. It was here that I fell in love with the pace and nature of action media. I loved how raw it was. After spending so much time learning studio photography under my mom's wing, it almost felt rebellious because the rules in each style are completely different. Basically, I relearned photography from a whole new point of view.

Then, I continued to cover athletics through the remainder of high school and into college where I became the head athletic photographer at Life University while also freelancing for many other universities, travel teams and even a pro team! I covered every sport, every game, every media day, and I loved every second of it. My absolute favorite photos of all time were the ones that weren't planned, but I'll explain a little more of that later...


So I'm sure you're wondering... How did a sports photographer end up doing weddings? 

Well somewhere along the years, I fell in love. No, not just with photography. I fell in love with a person that made me understand what true love is and made me feel the things I only thought existed in those fairy tale Nicholas Sparks movies. As a photographer, pictures have always been so important to me and somehow I always found myself too distracted by my person to stop for a second and take a picture to remember the real and amazing moments. I always wanted photos of us but every time we took one, it felt stiff and awkward and like it didn't really capture what it felt like when we looked into each others eyes. So that was it, the next piece of my inspiration that led me to today.

I had been studying portraiture all my life in a studio with my mother but it always felt stiff so I never really LOVED it. Between my love for sports, my love for a person, and my dislike for traditional editorial I was on a mission to create my own style that was a combination of all my favorite parts of every kind of photography I have learned. I used the feelings I had for my person to inspire how I run my sessions, I used my dislike of traditional editorial to make things feel natural while still tying in the beautiful elegance of editorial, and I used my experience and love for sports and candid to look for raw unrehearsed moments between people to tie it all together. "Beautiful, emotional, moments". I assisted on a wedding once and realized that weddings and athletics are not much different. Kind of a wild thought, isn't it? How could one of the happiest days of people's lives where everything is curated to be perfect be anything like rough, raw, sweaty sporting events? Well just hear me out... Weddings include a lot of "one chance" moments. You have one chance to get the perfect photo of the kiss after the "I do" or the cutting of the cake and popping of the champagne. Much like you have one chance to capture a dive into the end zone, or a buzzer beater dunk. The laughs and the dancing and all of the precious moments that make your wedding day special, the short hugs and smiles while sharing congratulations, are much like the moments on the sidelines. Candid sideline portraits, 1 on 1 moments between coaches and athletes, quick plays, teammates dancing down the sidelines in celebration of a 40 yard run... you get the picture! 

So there you have it! My love for capturing mostly unplanned portraits of people surrounded by love was inspired by a modge podge of experiences that I honestly believe happened exactly as they were supposed to in order to get me to this exact moment, talking to you. My passion for love, candid moments, and photography in general have given me a set up that is made for wedding and couples photography.  

When I first discovered my love for sports photography I would say, "I love that I get to just take pictures of them doing what they love because you can tell how real it is"  

The authenticity and uncertainty of the photos I'll capture in a sporting event or at a reception is what I love most about what I do! Now a days I've caught myself saying something similar, "I love that I get to spend my days documenting people in love. I get to freeze the moments when they look at each other and you can literally FEEL how much they mean to one another." 

Love inspires me. In addition to covering weddings and sports, I take on a few graduation and family portraits each year! I just love, love and growing with my clients as I help them document every stage of life from the altar all the way to family Christmas cards! 

Because of my background in sports, I am the photographer that will run through puddles with your toddler to get the perfect photo of them in their adventurous phase! 


Capturing your milestone moments is what I do! Whether that is capturing the intimate moments between you and the person you love while looking into each others eyes, or going for a hike to capture fun and personal portraits of your family. My goal is to always find the REAL moments that speak to who you are!


If you like my story so far, head over to my portfolio and see what I'm talking about! 

I would love to talk to you about what you are looking for so send me a message and we can get to planning!  

Mina Sisley



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